Agency Central Limited is an innovative company providing recruitment services to recruitment agencies, employers and of course candidates.

Our portfolio of products cover many common needs with a unique angle, which is why our business partners continue to use us year after year.

  History / News

AgencyCentral.co.uk was the first website to be created and has been running since 1999. A completely unique product, it was created to fill a gap in the market and has proved extremely successful.

VacancyCentral.co.uk and CVCentral.co.uk were then created to allow business partners to locate candidates in more traditional methods.

Recently. SplitFeeJobs.co.uk was added to our portfolio to allow recruiters to share jobs in a safe environment, using a popular rating system to gain a historical partner review.

All of our sites are built with the user in mind and we are keen to continue innovating.


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